Rent-A-Port, your partner in marine developments and industrial zones.

About Rent-A-Port

Since 1997 Rent-A-Port develops under the local Vietnamese brand ‘DEEP C” one of the largest industrial zones with a total of +3,400 ha located in Haiphong city and Quang Ninh province (north of Vietnam). Started with the development “Dinh Vu Industrial Zone” in Haiphong in collaboration with the local authorities, DEEP C is now a leading developer of 5 recognized “Eco Industrial Parks” and Deep C continues to expand its services with its own ISO (9001 and 14001) certified wastewater treatment plant, green energy, ready built factories, start-up warehouses, a reliable telecommunications network, offices for rent, and the first construction of a service complex for its more than 100 customers. DEEP C continues to profile itself as the ultimate sustainable partner for investors in North Vietnam. Rent-A-Port also supports the developments in the field of renewable energy and energy storage. Through its Belgian subsidiary “BSTOR”, Rent-A-Port develops and manages energy transition related projects in the field of energy storage. Rent-A-Port is owned by Ackermans & Van Haaren (50%) and CFE (50%).